Public Funding
Project Name Funded by Principal Investigator Start Date End Date
IM3: Imagen Médica Molecular y Multimodalidad Spanish Ministry Fernando Pérez-González 2003 2006
AMULET: Multiresolution analysis for multimedia signal processing and digital communications Spanish Ministry Fernando Pérez-González, Nuria González-Prelcic 2002 2004
Certimark logo European project on Certification of Watermarking Techniques European Commission's Fifth Framework Programme (FP5) Fernando Pérez-González 2000 2002
Doppler Correction for a High Performance Satellite Time and Frequency Distribution System European Space Agency (ESA) Carlos Mosquera Nartallo 2000 2000
Study and design of modulations for data transmission over Power Lines European Commission and the Spanish Ministry Carlos Mosquera Nartallo 1999 2001
An Electronic System for Copyright Protection of Multimedia Information Xunta de Galicia Fernando Pérez-González 1999 2001
Analysis, Simulation and Validation of a Digital Terrestrial Television Trial Network. Design and Development of a COFDM Receiver European Union Funds for Regional Development and Spanish Ministry Fernando Pérez-González 1999 2001
Schemes for adaptive recursive equalization in digital communications Iberoamerican Cooperation Institute Fernando Pérez-González 1998 1998
Design of a transmodulator for SMATV headers Televés S.A. Fernando Pérez-González 1997 1997
Application of algorithms based on natural processes to prediction, decision and communications Spanish Ministry Fernando Pérez-González 1996 1999