Fernando Pérez-González
IEEE-EURASIP Summer School in Signal Processing, Cavalese-Italy
Monday, September 5, 2016

We have all seen it on TV: by hectically typing on a computer keyboard, the CSI guys are able to enhance a low–quality image up to a point where the perpetrator’s face (including his moles and pimples) is clearly visible. Surely, it is an exaggeration, but it has already created a lot of trouble in court, as the jurors’ expectations from prosecutors have skyrocketed. This is called "The CSI Effect". Paradoxically, Grissom would be shocked to learn the latest advances in multimedia forensics, as there is often a level of analysis that brings about much more than meets his eye. And a good part of the analysis is done without human intervention, so the ever-busy cop could attend other businesses while the computer crunches numbers. This talk will give an overview of these new tools, their application domains and their limitations, so that the next time you watch a movie you can judge for yourself whether they’re trying to fool you.